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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Team Training Module for Missouri Schools




30 minutes

About the Course

This course was requested by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS) as part of an initiative to evaluate and improve the indoor air quality of Missouri public schools K-12. Improved ventilation can actually increase learning and attention. Poor ventilation may also affect teachers. Studies continue to show that overall cognitive performance improves for both when exposed to lower carbon dioxide levels, which is a marker of better ventilation. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has committed funds to Missouri public schools K-12 that create an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) team to monitor its respective school. This is a win for Missouri schools! This training module is delivered by the IHOPE Foundation for Environmental Health and supports this project!

Your Instructor

Dr. John Kraemer

Dr. John Kraemer

Dr. Kraemer is a graduate of Old Dominion University where he earned his PhD in Health Sciences in 1997 and is currently a full-time Professor in Missouri. In a public service capacity, he has conducted over 4,000 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments in schools and residents since 2000 with the goal of reducing asthma triggers in children and educating others about those triggers. Dr. Kraemer continues to educate others about the importance of good quality indoor air and the health benefits therin.

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